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   Наименование :  Walking Away

   Автор :  Jonny Lang, Jerry Lynn Williams

1998 Langy Tunes (ASCAP)/Songs of Hamstein Cumberland (ASCAP)/His Majesty Jerr Music (ASCAP)

You can cry
But don't cry for me
I can't take it no more
That's the way it must be

You can't lie
You're way back in
Back into my heart
I won't let it be broken again

I took a tumble
I started to stumble
That's when I fell
Into a love
A thought came from above
I was under your spell

The things that mattered
Were broken and shattered
One by one

I was so sad
But now I'm glad
It's over and over

There's just one more thing
That I want to say
I truly loved you
But now I'm walking away
I put no one above you
That's why I'm walking away


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  Jonny Lang, 'Wander This World', 1998, A&M

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