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   Наименование :  I Break

   Автор :  Katatonia

Sounds of imbalance
Sleeps through the never
The artificial lightsource
Is creeping with flies

And this time I break
I will never make
Another day
Defiant to what's delivered

I will find a way
To sever myself
Exit all today
You can't see this
Did you ever say
I break sever
I will find a way
Visit me when I'm there
The weakness of hope
Is the strenght of decline
Remember whar's past ways
And what I've become
The joy if not beig
Something I need
I'm only weather
But only to me


CD коллекции, на которых можно найти данную композицию:
  Katatonia, 'Discouraged Ones', 1998, Century Media

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