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   Наименование :  War

   Автор :  Lyrics by Martyn Jacques

Album: Births Marriages and Deaths

Strike some medals don't make a fuss
Forget about the two of us
We're off to war

Doesn't matter if you agree
You're hear to kill, you see
We're off to war

Off you go and do your best
Stick some bayonets in some chests
We're off to war

And after your life's been consumed
Then peace will be resumed
We're off to war

Did you ever wonder why
Nothing changes if you die
We're off to war

And if you state a point of view
They will simply run you through
We're off to war, We're off to war
We're off to war, We're off to war


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  Bob Marley, 'Rastaman Vibration. Exodus', 1976, Tuff Gong
  Boyz II Men, 'Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA', 2007, Decca
  Goran Bregovic, 'Music Inspired And Taken From Underground', 2005, Musicrama, Koch
  The Tiger Lillies, 'Births, Marriages And Deaths', 1994, Misery Guts

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