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   Наименование :  Violets For Your Furs

   Автор :  Tom Adair / Matt Dennis

It was winter in Manhattan
Falling snowflakes filled the air
The streets were covered with a film of ice
But a little simple magic that I'd heard about somewhere
Changed the weather all around, just withn a trice

You bought me violets for my furs
And it was spring for a while, remember?
You bought me violets for my furs
And there was april in that december
The snow drifted on the flowers and melted where it lay
The snow looked leke dew on the blossoms
As on a summer day

You bought me violets for my furs
Aand there was blue in the wintry sky
You pinned the violets to my furs
And gave a lift to the crowds passing by
You smiled at me so sweetly
Since then one thought occurs
That we fell in love completely
The day you bought me violets for my furs

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