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   Наименование :  Friday

   Автор :  Cale, J.J.

Monday morning comes too early
Work my back to the bone
All day Monday I keep thinking
'Weekend's coming, gonna go home'
Tuesday I hate, oh Tuesday
Ain't no girls on the street
Tuesday it ain't good for nothing
Drinking beer and watching TV
Friday, Friday evening
Come on Friday, it's been too long
Friday, Friday evening
Come on Friday, I wanna go home
Wednesday's hump day, hump day's Wednesday
Over the hump, the week's half-gone
If I had my pay on Wednesday
I'd hang out, the hump day's gone
Thursday, you know I feel better
I can see the end in sight
Think I'll write myself a letter
Help myself through the night

CD коллекции, на которых можно найти данную композицию:
  A. Ray Fuller, 'The Weeper', 2004, Artist One-Stop
  J.J. Cale, '5. Number 10', Mercury, Silvertone

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