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     Bireli Lagrene

Born: Sep 4, 1966 in Saverene, France
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Fusion, Swing
Instruments: Guitar

When Bireli Lagrene first emerged in 1980 as a 13-year-old who sounded exactly like Django Reinhardt, he was considered a marvel. Born (like Reinhardt) to a gypsy family, he had been playing guitar since he was four. After a few years and several recordings, Lagrene purposely got away from the Reinhardt influence, playing high-powered rock-oriented fusion and recording with Jaco Pastorius in 1986. He sounded more original but much less interesting during this period. The guitarist has since returned to a quieter form of jazz, playing hard bop versions of standards with hints of his earlier interests in Reinhardt and fusion. Bireli Lagrene has recorded for Antilles, Jazzpoint, Blue Note, and Dreyfus.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Bireli Lagrene - 'Best Moments' - 1981, Jazz Point
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Bireli Swing '81' - 2005, Jazz Point, Le Chant Du Monde
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Blue Eyes' - 1998, Dreyfus
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Gipsy Project' - 2001, Dreyfus
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Gipsy Project & Friends' - 2002, Dreyfus
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Gipsy Project: Just The Way You Are' - 2007, Dreyfus Jazz
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Gipsy Project: Move' - 2005, Dreyfus
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Live At The Carnegie Hall' - 1993, Jazz Point
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Routes To Django: Live' - 1990, Jazz Point
 Bireli Lagrene - 'Standarts' - 1992, Capitol
 Bireli Lagrene - 'To Bi Or Not To Bi' - 2006, Fdm
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 Sara Lazarus - 'It's All Right With Me' - 2007, Dreyfus Records
 Didier Lockwood - 'Tribute To Stephane Grappelli' - 2000, Dreyfus
 Marcus Miller - 'Dreyfus Night In Paris' - 2004, Dreyfus
 Jaco Pastorius - 'Live In Italy' - 1986, Jazzpoint
 The Rosenberg Trio - 'Djangologists' - 2010, Enja
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 Richard Galliano - 'Gallianissimo!' - 2001, Vivid Sound
 Richard Galliano - 'New York Tango' - 1997, Dreyfus
 Thierry Mineau - 'Paris' - 1989, Melodie
 Jaco Pastorius - 'Another Side Of Jaco Pastorius' - 2001, Jazz Point
 Jaco Pastorius - 'Broadway Blues & Teresa' - 1998, Jazzpoint
 Jaco Pastorius - 'Heavy 'N Jazz' - 1995, Jazz Point
 Leon Redbone - 'Red To Blue' - 1985, Blue Thumb
 Jacky Terrasson - 'A Paris..' - 2001, Blue Note, NeoRecords

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