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     Bill Sharpe

Genres: Jazz

Along with his duties as a founding member and keyboardist for the British jazz fusion group Shakatak, Bill Sharpe has also maintained a solo career that includes collaborations with friends like Gary Numan and Patsy Meyer. His full-length solo debut arrived in 1999 with State of the Heart.

- Heather Phares (All Music Guide)

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 Bill Sharpe - 'State Of The Heart' - 1999, Instinct
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 Don Grusin - 'Trans Atlantica' - 2012, Secret Records,
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 Rick Braun - 'Esperanto' - 2003, Warner Bros.
 Dave Koz - 'A Smooth Jazz Christmas' - 2001, Capitol
 Dave Koz - 'The Dance' - 1999, Capitol
 Shakatak - 'Golden Wings' - 1987, AGAT
 Shakatak - 'Into The Blue' - 1986, AGAT
 Shakatak - 'Invitations' - 1982, Polydor Ltd., AGAT
 Shakatak - 'Smooth Solos' - 2003, Passion Press

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