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     Michael Shrieve

Genres: Newage
Styles: Fusion
Instruments: Drums, Percussion

Shrieve has had a long and interesting career as a rock drummer, percussionist, and progressive electronic composer. Gaining early recognition as the powerhouse drummer for Santana, the teenage Shrieve was launched into the popular culture maelstrom when he performed an extended drum solo during Santana's appearance at the legendary Woodstock festival. Over the years, Shrieve has continued to strive for innovative approaches to percussion-based music. His numerous collaborations include work with Stomu Yamash'ta, Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, David Beal, David Torn, and Andy Summers, to name a few.

- Linda Kohanov (All Music Guide)


Michael Shrieve was the original drummer with Santana, whom he joined at the age of 19. With that band he became the youngest musician to appear at Woodstock, helping to write and produce eight studio albums with the group. His engagements since then have included recording credits with Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones, Pete Townshend, Steve Winwood and jazz musicians Freddie Hubbard, John McLaughlin and Jaco Pastorious.

He has also collaborated with Japanese composer Stomu Yamash'ta and worked with Klaus Schulze, a founding member of Tangerine Dream. His film credits include The Tempest (with director Paul Mazursky) and The Bedroom Window, as well as varied television work.

He launched his solo career in 1994 with a triple album for CMP Records. Together with guitarist Bill Frisell and organist Wayne Horvitz, Fascination was an adventurous album that received glowing reviews for the tonal quality of its music. 1996's Two Doors was a double disc set featuring two distinct sides of Shrieve's music.

The second CD, Flying Polly, included out-takes from his previous work for Fascination, while the first, Deep Umbra, featured a new trio comprising bass player Jonas Hellborg and guitarist Shawn Lane. Few critics welcomed the new development, however, with Lane's brash guitar displays incurring particular derision.


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 Michael Shrieve - 'Fascination' - 2001, Times Square, Lider
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 Michael Shrieve - 'Transfer Station Blue' - 1986, Fortuna
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 Jonas Hellborg - 'Octave Of The Holy Innocents' - 1995, Day Eight
 Carlos Santana - 'Caravanserai' - 1972, Columbia, Sony
 Carlos Santana - 'Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent' - 1995, Columbia, Legacy
 Carlos Santana - 'Santana III' - 1971, Columbia, Legacy
 Klaus Schulze - 'Trancefer' - 1981, Gramavision
 Richard Wahnfried - 'Tonwelle' - 1981, Ars Nova

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