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     Andy Laverne

Born: Dec 4, 1947 in New York, NY
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop
Instruments: Keyboards, Piano

A fine keyboardist who has ranged in styles from Bill Evans to Chick Corea and fusion, Andy LaVerne has managed to avoid predictability throughout his career. He began studying as a classical piano student at Juilliard when he was eight. After discovering jazz, LaVerne had some important lessons from Bill Evans. He toured with Woody Herman's big band (1973-1975), played with John Abercrombie, and Miroslav Vitous, and was with Stan Getz's group during 1977-1980, often playing electric piano. In the 1980s, he performed with the Brubeck-LaVerne Trio (which also featured Chris and Dan Brubeck), recorded a tribute to Chick Corea for DMP, and became a busy jazz educator. In the 1990s, LaVerne has concentrated on acoustic piano, recording a solo concert at Maybeck Recital Hall. Through the years, Andy LaVerne has recorded as a leader for Storyville (1977), Jazzline, SteepleChase, DMP, Triloka, Concord, and some smaller labels.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Andy Laverne - 'Andy LaVerne Plays The Music Of Chick Corea' - 1988, Jazzline Records
 Andy Laverne - 'Bud's Beautiful' - 1996, SteepleChase
 Andy Laverne - 'Four Miles' - 1997, Triloka
 Andy Laverne - 'Frozen Music' - 1989, SteepleChase
 Andy Laverne - 'Pleasure Seekers' - 1991, Triloka
 Andy Laverne - 'Severe Clear' - 1990, SteepleChase
  как соисполнитель ...
 Jerry Bergonzi - 'Tilt' - 1991, Red
 Carmen Cuesta-Loeb - 'One Kiss' - 2003, Skip
 Stan Getz - 'Academy Of Jazz' - 1970, Jazz Viev
 Stan Getz - 'The Lyrical Stan Getz' - 1974, Columbia, Sony Music
 Woody Herman - 'Giant Steps' - 1994, Fantasy, OJC
 Chuck Loeb - 'Memory Lane' - 1996, DMP

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