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     The Classical Jazz Quartet

Formed: 2001
Group Members: Ron Carter, Lewis Nash, Kenny Barron, Stefon Harris
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Classical Crossover, Crossover Jazz, Neo-Bop

As high-concept jazz groups go, few have been as fun, laid-back, and boisterous as the Classical Jazz Quartet. Taking classical compositions and transforming them into upbeat jazz anthems, the group isn't afraid to make drastically unique changes to the music they cover. The group first came together when bassist Ron Carter contacted pianist Kenny Barron to work together. Discussing the prospect of covering Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, vibraphonist Stefon Harris and drummer Lewis Nash were soon called in and the group decided to go ahead with the project. Released in 2001, their rendition of the classic Christmas ballet was a playful reinvention that swung hard and fun. A year later, The Classical Jazz Quartet Plays Bach did the same for the 17th century baroque composer.

- Bradley Torreano (All Music Guide)

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 The Classical Jazz Quartet - 'Christmas' - 2006, Kind of Blue
 The Classical Jazz Quartet - 'Play Tchaikovsky' - 2006, Kind Of Blue
 The Classical Jazz Quartet - 'Plays Bach' - 2002, Vertical Jazz, Prospekt
 The Classical Jazz Quartet - 'The Classical Jazz Quartet Play Rachmaninov' - 2006, Kind Of Blue

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