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     Gregg Karukas

Genres: Jazz
Styles: Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Instrumental Pop
Instruments: Leader, Keyboards

A talented keyboardist who has mostly worked in the commercial side of jazz, Gregg Karukas has the potential for stardom. Although he noodled on the piano from age six, he did not start studying music seriously until he was a teenager. Karukas often played organ in r&b bands early on and at 17 he began a five year stint with Tim Eyermann's East Coast Offering. After a period working as a studio musician in D.C., he moved to Los Angeles in 1983 where he became a major part of the pop jazz scene, playing with (among others) Richard Elliot, Grant Geissman, Ronnie Laws and David Benoit. Karukas worked for a year-and-a-half with Melissa Manchester, had a band that featured the young saxophonist Dave Koz and in the mid-1980's he became an original member of the Rippingtons. In addition to his crossover work, Karukas has gained extensive experience playing Brazilian music including with Ricardo Silveira, Sergio Mendes and Dori Caymmi, worked as a freelance producer, been a sideman on albums by Boney James, Peter White and Craig Chaquico, worked as a studio musician and written songs for a variety of r&b/pop artists. As a leader, Gregg Karukas has recorded for Nightowl (1987), Positive Music, Fahrenheit, I.E. Music and N-Coded Music (2000).

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Gregg Karukas - 'Blue Touch' - 1998, Polygram
 Gregg Karukas - 'GK' - 2009, Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records
 Gregg Karukas - 'Heatwave' - 2002, N2K, Lider
 Gregg Karukas - 'Key Witness' - 1991, Positive
 Gregg Karukas - 'Nightshift' - 2000, N2K
 Gregg Karukas - 'Summerhouse' - 1993, Positive
 Gregg Karukas - 'The Night Owl' - 1987, Nightowl
 Gregg Karukas - 'You'll Know It's Me' - 1995, Fahrenheit
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 Omar Akram - 'Echoes Of Love' - 2012, Real Music
 Rick Braun - 'Esperanto' - 2003, Warner Bros.
 Rick Braun - 'RnR' - 2007, ARTizen
 Brian Bromberg - 'You Know That Feeling' - 1997, Zebra
 Paul Brown - 'Foreign Xchange' - 2009, Peak Records
 Dori Caymmi - 'Kicking Cans' - 1993, Qwest
 Craig Chaquico - 'Once In A Blue Universe' - 1997, Higher Octave
 Richard Elliot - 'Metro Blue' - 2005, ARTizen
 Jessy J - 'Hot Sauce' - 2011, Heads Up
 Patrick Lamb - 'Don't Get No Better' - 2009, BlueHour Records
 David Lanz - 'Finding Paradise' - 2002, Decca
 David Lanz - 'The Good Life' - 2004, Decca
 The L.A. Chillharmonic - 'The L.A. Chillharmonic' - 2008, Artistry
 Kim Waters - 'One Special Moment' - 1999, Shanachie
 Peter White - 'Perfect Moment' - 1998, Sony

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