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     Stephan Micus

Born: Jan 19, 1953 in Stuttgart, Germany
Genres: Newage
Styles: Minimalism, Ethnic Fusion, Neo-Classical

This respected German composer and multi-instrumentalist made his first journey to the Orient at the age of 16. He has since traveled around the world. He spent extensive periods of time studying ancient musical techniques in India and Japan and collected a number of ethnic instruments previously unknown in the West. His recordings for the ECM label are essentially solo efforts in which the illusion of an ensemble is created by the composer's extensive overdubs. Micus's intention is not to play these instruments according to tradition, but to combine modes of expression from around the world in exciting new ways. Though he sometimes creates sounds you'd swear were the result of electronic keyboards, Micus is an acoustic purist who often develops unconventional performance techniques on ethnic instruments. He released Garden of Mirrors in mid-2000. Desert Poems followed a year later.

- Linda Kohanov (All Music Guide)

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 Stephan Micus - 'To The Evening Child' - 1992, ECM

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