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     Larry Adler

Real name: Lawrence Adler
Born: Feb 10, 1914 in Baltimore, MD
Died: Aug 6, 2001 in London, England
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Swing, Classical
Instruments: Harmonica

Born in Baltimore, MD, on February 10, 1914, Lawrence Cecil Adler is one of the most renowned and most respected harmonica players of all time. After teaching himself the instrument, he began to play in front of audiences by the age of 14. But instead of establishing himself stateside, Adler was forced to relocate to England in 1949 after he was accused of pro-communist sympathies during the McCarthy era. Although he released his own albums, Adler is best-known for his collaborations with other artists - playing on many of gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt's classic recordings of the '30s (in addition to working with Stephane Grappelli, John Kirby's Sextet, and Ellis Larkins), and even played on albums by modern-day artists such as Sting's 1993 release, Ten Summoner's Tales. In 1953, Adler received an Oscar nomination for his work on the soundtrack to the movie Genevieve, yet his name was originally absent from the credits (due to his McCarthy blacklisting). During the later years of his life, Adler began to write a food review column for the publication Harper's Queen, and in 1985, he penned his autobiography, titled It Ain't Necessarily So. Sadly, Adler passed away in 2001.

- Greg Prato (All Music Guide)


Адлер Лоуренс Сесил (р. 10 февраля 1914, Балтимор, Мэриленд) - американский джазовый музыкант, композитор (гармоника, фортепиано). Представитель стиля свинг, модерн-джаза.


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 Sting - 'Ten Summoner's Tales' - 1993, Polygram, Dora

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