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     Leni Stern

Born: in Germany
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Folk-Jazz, Post-Bop
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar

Leni Stern, who has received more recognition for her composing than for her guitar playing, has managed to carve out her own musical personality despite being married to fellow guitarist Mike Stern (a potentially dominant influence). She began classical piano lessons when she was six, but was much more inspired a few years later when she discovered a guitar in the attic and taught herself to play jazz.

Stern's early years were actually spent as an actress in her native Germany, featured on a national television show. However she took a summer off in 1977 to enroll at Berklee, and she never returned to acting. Stern lived in Boston until 1980, moved to New York, and has worked steadily in clubs ever since, recording for Passport (now defunct), Enja, and Lipstick. Primarily an instrumentalist in the past, with 1997's Black Guitar she revealed her prowess as a vocalist.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Leni Stern - 'Finally The Rain Has Come' - 2002, Leni Stern, Lider
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