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     Pierre Boussaguet

Born 12 Nov 1962

Pierre Boussaguet was born in Albi, France, on November 12, 1962. Interested in music at an early age, he began with the accordion until the day he bought a record of Harry "Sweets" Edison, just because he liked the expression of one of the faces of the cover. He was filled with wonder at the music. A few months later, a musician friend forced him to go to a concert given by Ray Bryant's trio in Albi. As soon as he heard the "walking bass", he realized that was what he wanted to do, and he promptly started teaching himself the double-bass. After two years of studying alone, he decided to work with Mr Jean Cros, one of the first classical bass performers, who taught him a sound basic technique.

In 1982, Pierre met Duke Ellington's ex-bassist Jimmy Woode, who recognized his growing talent. "You remind me of Ray Brown," he said, and invited Pierre to spend a fortnight with him in Switzerland to perfect his initiation into jazz music.

In 1985, Pierre Boussaguet went up to Paris to join tenor Gerard Badini's quartet and big band. Thanks to his precise tempo and great tonal resonance, he soon found his place on the Parisian scene.

1986 was marked by three important for the bassist:- Guy Lafitte noticed him during a jam session, and took him on. Since then, Pierre has been the right hand of the famous Gascon saxophonist; Through pianist Marc Hemmeler, he met the legendary Ray Brown, whom he had never seen play before. The two men got on well straight away, and two years later the amazing group Two Bass Hits saw the light of day. The idea was original, even audacious. More than just uniting two bassists and a pianist, the real challenge was to have the two basses playing simultaneaously all through each piece. A remarkable album was recorded during the group's second European tour in August 1988; Lastely, in August 1986, another dream was fulfilled: Pierre Boussaguet was recommended to Monty Alexander. He accompanied him for four concerts in Paris. But then the great Jamaican pianist invited his "little brother" to tour Europe with him, then Japan twice in 1989.

Today Pierre Boussaguet is one of the most conspicuous bassists on the international scene. He has played with, among others: Tommy Flanagan, Monty Alexander, James Williams, Harry Edison, Clark Terry, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, George Benson, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Benny Carter and Milt Jackson.

Recently, Pierre Boussaguet has made up a quintet performing his own compositions and arrangements. He presented it for the first time at the Jazz Parade Festival in Geneva in June 1990. Apart from the influence of Ray Brown and other bassists such as Jimmy Blanton, or Oscar Pettiford, his playing is already very assertive and his in-depth knowledge of the instrument makes him a great stylist. He is considered by critics and musicians as the European bassist of today.


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