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     Russ Freeman {guitar}

Real name: Russell Donald Freeman.
Born: Feb 11, 1960 in Nashville, TN.
Genres: Jazz.
Styles: Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Jazz.
Instruments: Keyboards, Guitar

Guitarist Russ Freeman originally conceived of the Rippingtons as a changing lineup of strong contemporary jazz musicians. After releasing his debut solo album, Nocturnal Playground, in 1985, Freeman assembled the first version of the band, which featured David Benoit on piano and Brandon Fields, Dave Koz, and Kenny G on saxophones, for the appropriately titled Moonlighting (1986).

Kilimanjaro, the first Rippingtons album to break into the pop charts, followed in 1988. As of 1989's Tourist in Paradise, the group was contracted to the GRP label. 1990's Welcome to the St. James Club and 1991's Curves Ahead both topped the contemporary jazz best-seller charts, and 1992's Weekend in Monaco was also a popular release. By 1993, the Rippingtons bad solidified into a steady six-piece group including Freeman, Dave Kochanski on keyboards, Jeff Kashiwa on saxophone, Kim Stone on bass, Tony Morales on drums, and Steve Reid on percussion. That year saw the release of Live in L.A. In 1994, Freeman teamed with old partner David Benoit for The Benoit/Freeman Project and later in the year came Sahara, which altered the band's billing from "The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman" to "Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons." In 1995, Freeman released a solo Christmas album, Holiday, followed by the eighth Rippingtons album, Brave New World, in 1986.

- William Ruhlmann (All Music Guide)

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 Russ Freeman {guitar} - 'Drive' - 2002, Peak
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 Russ Freeman {guitar} - 'Nocturnal Playground' - 1985, Brainchild
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 David Benoit - 'David Benoit And Russ Freeman Project' - 1994, GRP
 Craig Chaquico - 'From The Redwoods To The Rockies' - 1998, Windham Hill
 The Rippingtons - 'Wild Card' - 2005, Peak
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 Gato Barbieri - 'The Shadow Of The Cat' - 2002, Peak
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 The Rippingtons - 'Black Diamond' - 1997, Windham Hill
 The Rippingtons - 'Curves Ahead' - 1991, GRP
 The Rippingtons - 'Let It Ripp' - 2003, Peak

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