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     Victor Bailey

Born: Victor Randall Bailey on Mar 27, 1960 in Philadelphia, PA
Genres: Jazz,
Styles: Instrumental Pop
Instruments: Bass Guitar

Electric bass playing has changed dramatically since the '70s, thanks to the influence of rapid-fire artists such as Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius who approached the instrument much more like a guitar than a rhythm/ensemble weapon. Bailey lacks their chops or imagination, but ranks among the better funk/fusion players. He has to display his talent in carefully chosen spots, because his recordings are more pop-oriented, aimed at the late-night mellow shows on Urban Contemporary radio and the light jazz/instrumental market.

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Victor Bailey - 'Bottom's Up' - 1989, Atlantic
 Victor Bailey - 'Low Blow' - 1999, Esc Records, Dora
 Victor Bailey - 'Slippin' N' Trippin'' - 2011, Studio V Productions
 Victor Bailey - 'That's Right!' - 2001, Via
  как соисполнитель ...
 Mary J Blige - 'My Llife' - 1994, MCA
 Michael Brecker - 'Now You See It..Now You Don't' - 1990, Impulse!
 Alex Bugnon - 'As Promised' - 2000, Narada
 Alex Bugnon - 'Free' - 2005, Narada
 Alex Bugnon - 'This Time Around' - 1993, Sony
 Regina Carter - 'Regina Carter' - 1995, Atlantic Jazz
 Will Downing - 'A Dream Fulfilled' - 1991, Island
 Leslie Mandoki - 'Man Doki. People In Room No 8' - 1997, Polygram
 Vince Mendoza - 'Fast City: A Tribute To Joe Zawinul' - 2010, BHM, ZYX Music
 Michel Portal - 'Any Way' - 1993, Label Bleu
 Carlos Santana - 'Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent' - 1995, Columbia, Legacy
 Steps Ahead - 'Vibe' - 1994, NYC
 Mike Stern - 'All Over The Place' - 2012, Heads Up
 Kevin Toney - 'Sweet Spot' - 2003, Shanachie
 Joe Zawinul - 'Faces & Places' - 2002, Esc Records

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