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     Collin Walcott

Born: Apr 24, 1945 in New York, NY
Died: Nov 8, 1984 in Madgeburg, Germany
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, World, World Fusion
Instruments: Tabla, Sitar, Percussion

Collin Walcott was one of the first sitar players to play jazz. As a member of Oregon, Walcott's flexibility, interest in different cultures, and ability to play not only sitar but tabla and other percussion instruments made him a very valuable musician. Early on, he studied violin for two years, and played both snare drum and tympani in school. Walcott also studied percussion at Indiana University, and took sitar and tabla lessons with Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha, respectively. After stints with Tony Scott (1967-1969) and Tim Hardin, he became a member of the Paul Winter Consort in 1970. Walcott left the group with three other musicians (Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, and Glen Moore) in 1971 to form Oregon. In addition to recording and touring with Oregon, a unique folk-jazz group, Walcott recorded with Miles Davis in 1972, and was a member of Codona (a trio with Don Cherry and Nana Vasconcelos) that recorded for ECM. Tragically, Collin Walcott was killed in a traffic accident while on tour with Oregon in East Germany. He led three sessions for ECM and can be heard on the Codona and early Oregon recordings.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Collin Walcott - 'Cloud Dance' - 1975, ECM
 Collin Walcott - 'Codona' - 1979, ECM, BMG
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 David Darling - 'Cycles' - 2000, ECM
 Miles Davis - 'On The Corner' - 2000, Columbia, Legacy
 Bill Laswell - 'Panthalassa - The Music Of Miles Davis 1969-1974' - 1998, Columbia
 Oregon - 'Distant Hills' - 1973, Vanguard
 Oregon - 'Out Of The Woods' - 1978, Discovery
 Oregon - 'Roots In The Sky' - 1978, Discovery
 Oregon - 'The Music Of Another Present Era' - 1972, Vanguard
 Oregon - 'Together' - 1977, Universe
 Oregon - 'Winter Light' - 1974, Vanguard
 Ralph Towner - 'Trios Solos' - 1972, ECM

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