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     David Benoit

Born: 1953 in Bakersfield, CA
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Crossover Jazz, Contemporary Jazz
Instruments: Producer, Keyboards, Arranger, Piano

One of the more popular performers in the idiom somewhat inaccurately called "contemporary jazz," David Benoit has mostly performed light melodic background music, what critic Alex Henderson has dubbed "new age with a beat." Benoit has done a few fine jazz projects (including a tribute to Bill Evans and a collaboration with Emily Remler) but most of his output for GRP has been aimed clearly at the charts. He studied composition and piano at El Camino College and, in 1975, played on the soundtrack of the film Nashville. After recording with Alphonse Mouzon and accompanying singer Gloria Lynne, he was signed to the AVI label when he was 24, recording sets that paved the way toward his later output. Benoit has been been a solo artist for GRP since 1986. Albums like 1989's Waiting for Spring and 1999's Professional Dreamer showcase his smooth, lyrical style, while projects like his 2000 tribute to Vince Guaraldi's Peanuts scores, Here's to You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years, demonstrate where his own tastes lie.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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CD коллекции, связанные с исполнителем:
  как основной исполнитель ...
 David Benoit - 'Benoit & Freeman: Project 2' - 2004, Peak
 David Benoit - 'Conversation' - 2012, Heads Up
 David Benoit - 'David Benoit And Russ Freeman Project' - 1994, GRP
 David Benoit - 'Fuzzy Logic' - 2002, GRP
 David Benoit - 'Heroes' - 2008, Peak
 David Benoit - 'Jazz For Peanuts' - 2008, Universal
 David Benoit - 'Professional Dreamer' - 1999, GRP
 David Benoit - 'Right Here, Right Now' - 2003, GRP, Verve
 David Benoit - 'Urban Daydreams' - 1989, GRP
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 Dave Koz - 'A Smooth Jazz Christmas' - 2001, Capitol
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 Blake Aaron - 'With Every Touch' - 2002, Innervision Records
 Rick Braun - 'Yours Truly' - 2005, ARTizen Music
 Craig Chaquico - 'From The Redwoods To The Rockies' - 1998, Windham Hill
 Lorraine Feather - 'Cafe Society' - 2003, Sanctuary
 Jeff Kashiwa - 'Let It Ride' - 2012, Native Language Music
 Kenny G. - 'At Last.. The Duets Album' - 2004, Arista
 Dave Koz - 'Memories Of A Winter's Night' - 2007, Capitol
 Dave Koz - 'The Dance' - 1999, Capitol
 Eric Marienthal - 'One Touch' - 1993, GRP
 Phil Perry - 'Pure Pleasure' - 1994, GRP
 Diane Schuur - 'Pure Schuur' - 1991, GRP

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