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     Max Greger

Born: Apr 2, 1926 in Munich, Germany
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Big Band
Instruments: Sax (Tenor), Leader

German saxophonist and bandleader Max Greger is a popular and well-known musician in Europe with myriad credits to his name, including film and television work. A gift of an accordion as a child first spurred his musical inclinations, and Greger ultimately studied clarinet and saxophone at the Munich Conservatory during the late '30s. Briefly serving in the military toward the end of World War II, Greger began performing with various jazz groups. His postwar work, often in American officers' clubs, ultimately led Greger to form his own sextet around 1948-1949, and later a big band. Performing a mixture of pop, jazz, and swing tunes, Greger had considerable success from the '50s onward, including regular appearances on German television from 1963 to 1977, and helped establish the growing German jazz movement.

- Matt Collar (All Music Guide)


Max Greger is a popular German orchestra leader and saxophonist. He began as an accordionist then went on to the Munich Conservatory where he studied clarinet and saxophone. After a stint in the military he started to play in jazz ensembles, and by the the end of the 1940's was leading a big band.

Greger was very popular in his native Germany throughout the '50's, and appeared regularly on television from 1963 to 1977. He recorded countless records for Polydor. His musical output includes easy listening as well as jazz, swing, polka or Schlager. He was heavily influenced by Glenn Miller and liked to play his music live.

By 2000 he started touring with Paul Kuhn and Hugo Strasser as the "Swing-Legenden" (swing legends). The concerts all over Germany are well received. Max Greger and his two friends remain active entertainers belying their age. Gregers son Max Greger Jr. is also a musician and recorded several records.


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