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     Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Born: May 27, 1963 in Havana, Cuba
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Cuban Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Latin Continuum, Cuba, Latin Jazz
Instruments: Piano

One of the most important figures to emerge from Afro-Cuban jazz in the '90s, Gonzalo Rubalcaba is an extraordinarily versatile pianist able to blend disparate strands of Cuban and American jazz tradition into a fresh, modern whole. Born into a musical family in Havana on May 27, 1963, Rubalcaba began studying classical piano at age eight, honing his technique in that area for the next 12 years while playing around Havana by night. In 1983, he toured France and Africa with Cuba's long-standing Orquesta Aragon, and formed his own band, Grupo Proyecto, in 1985, the same year he was discovered by Dizzy Gillespie. In 1986, Rubalcaba played the Havana Jazz Festival with the American rhythm section of Charlie Haden and Paul Motian, and with Haden's support soon appeared at major international festivals like Montreal and Montreux. Rubalcaba's early dates for Blue Note - 1990's Discovery: Live at Montreux and the following year's The Blessing - were instant classics, breaking him among American jazz audiences and showcasing his virtuosic technique and dense improvisations. Rubalcaba was finally able to play for American audiences beginning in 1993, including a star-making appearance at the Lincoln Center, and soon emigrated from Cuba (though not to the U.S. right away; he eventually settled in South Florida in 1996). Rubalcaba recorded for several labels, including Blue Note, which was home to much of his best work of the '90s, including 1999's introspective Inner Voyage and 2001's Grammy-nominated Supernova.

- Steve Huey (All Music Guide)

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 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Diz.. Gonzalo Rubalcaba Trio' - 1993, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Giraldilla' - 1992, Messidor
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Images' - 1992, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Imagine' - 1996, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Inner Voyage' - 1999, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Live In Havana' - 1986, Messidor
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Mi Gran Pasion' - 1987, Timba
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Paseo' - 2004, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Rapsodia' - 1994, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Suite 4 Y 20' - Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'Supernova' - 2001, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'The Blessing' - 1991, Blue Note
 Gonzalo Rubalcaba - 'The Trio' - 1998, Toshiba EMI
  как основной соисполнитель ...
 Charlie Haden - 'Land Of The Sun' - 2004, Verve
 Charlie Haden - 'Montreal Tapes With Gonzalo Rubalcaba' - 1998, Verve
  как соисполнитель ...
 Ignacio Berroa - 'Codes' - 2006, Blue Note
 Jane Bunnett - 'Spirits Of Havana' - 1993, Messidor
 Chick Corea - 'Rendezvous In New York' - 2003, Stretch Records
 Al Di Meola - 'Pursuit Of Radical Rhapsody' - 2011, Telarc Jazz
 Richard Galliano - 'Love Day' - 2008, Milan
 Ithamara Koorax - 'Love Dance: The Ballad Album' - 2003, Milestone

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