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     Pieces Of A Dream

Formed:1975 in Philadelphia, PA
Group Members: Curtis Harmon, Ron Kerber, James K. Lloyd, Cedric A. Napoleon.
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Contemporary R&B, Crossover Jazz

Comprised of bassist Cedric Napoleon, drummer Curtis Harmon, and keyboardist James Lloyd, Pieces of a Dream was founded in 1975 in Philadelphia when the principal members were all teenagers. Originally somewhat jazz-oriented, Pieces of a Dream has mostly emphasized R&B although they usually include a few jazz numbers in their performances. Grover Washington Jr. produced their first three albums (all for Elektra during 1981-1983); they have since recorded for Manhattan and Blue Note. Saxophonist Ron Kerber became a member in the 1990s, preceding the four varied releases that appeared throughout the decade. A collection appeared at the turn of the century, but the band proved to still be going strong with 2001's Acquainted With the Night and 2002's Love's Silhouette.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Pieces Of A Dream - 'Acquainted With The Night' - 2001, Prospekt, Heads Up
 Pieces Of A Dream - 'Love's Silhouette' - 2002, Heads Up
 Pieces Of A Dream - 'No Assembly Required' - 2004, Heads Up
 Pieces Of A Dream - 'Pieces' - 1997, Blue Note

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