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     Johnny Hallyday

Real name: Jean-Philippe Smet
Born: Jun 15, 1943 in Paris, France
Genres: Rock
Styles: French Rock, French Pop
Instruments: Vocals

Functioning as the French Elvis Presley, Johnny Hallyday (b. Jean-Philippe Smet; June 15, 1943, Paris) came to fame in his home country during 1961, singing Chubby Checker's "Let's Twist Again" with combined French- and English-language vocals. Born in Paris, he was brought up by his aunt Helene Mar after his Belgian father left the family. Mar's husband, variety star Lee Hallyday, began to use little Jean-Philippe in his act after the youth learned to play guitar and violin.

Influenced by American rock & roll, however, Johnny Hallyday made his radio debut in 1960 and a year later sold over a million copies of "Let's Swing." An appearance in the film Les Parisiennes that year cemented his status, though, as he continued to record during the '60s - often using the English language, as on 1964's Sings America's Rockin' Hits - Hallyday made little headway in either Great Britain or America. His legendary fame in Africa and South America have almost made up for a lack of industry recognition, though, and over the course of thirty-odd albums (recorded right into the '90s), Johnny Hallyday continued to chart in his native country.

- John Bush (All Music Guide)

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