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     Bill Charlap

Genres: Jazz
Styles: Hard Bop, Post-Bop, Bop
Instruments: Piano

Bill Charlap is one of the strongest mainstream jazz pianists on the scene and one of the most gifted interpreters of standards. He grew up in a musical household, as the son of Broadway songwriter "Moose" Charlap and singer Sandy Stewart. Taking to the piano at a young age, he went on to study at New York's High School of Performing Arts. He then entered college, but rather than finishing, opted to practice and gig on his own. Pianist Bill Mays soon took up Charlap's cause, recommending the young man as his replacement in the Gerry Mulligan Quartet. During this time, Charlap also worked with Benny Carter, Clark Terry, and Frank Wess, and was sought after as an accompanist for singers such as Tony Bennett, Carol Sloane, and Sheila Jordan. In 1995, he secured one of the most coveted piano chairs in jazz, with the Phil Woods Quintet, where he remains as of this writing. All the while, Charlap has shown steady development as a leader. His debut came in 1994 with Along With Me, followed by Souvenir in 1995, and Distant Star in 1996. His 1997 release, All Through the Night, was the first to feature his current trio, with the redoubtable (and unrelated) Washingtons, Peter and Kenny, on bass and drums respectively. In 2000, this lineup had its major-label breakthrough with the highly acclaimed Blue Note disc Written in the Stars.

- David R. Adler (All Music Guide)

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CD коллекции, связанные с исполнителем:
  как основной исполнитель ...
 Bill Charlap - ''S Wonderful' - 1999, Venus
 Bill Charlap - 'All Through The Night' - 1998, Criss Cross
 Bill Charlap - 'Along With Me' - 1994, Chiaroscuro Records
 Bill Charlap - 'Distant Star' - 1996, Criss Cross
 Bill Charlap - 'Double Portrait' - 2010, Blue Note
 Bill Charlap - 'I'm Old Fashioned' - 2010, Venus
 Bill Charlap - 'Live At The Village Vanguard' - 2007, EMI, Blue Note
 Bill Charlap - 'Love Is Here To Stay' - 2005, Blue Note, EMI
 Bill Charlap - 'Plays George Gershwin: The American Soul' - 2005, Blue Note
 Bill Charlap - 'Somewhere' - 2004, EMI, Blue Note
 Bill Charlap - 'Souvenir' - 1995, Criss Cross
 Bill Charlap - 'Stardust' - 2002, Prospekt, Blue Note
 Bill Charlap - 'Written In The Stars' - 2000, Blue Note
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 Jon Gordon - 'Contrasts' - 2001, Double-Time
 Warren Vache - '2gether' - 2001, Nagel Heyer Records
  как соисполнитель ...
 Harry Allen - 'Plays Ellington Songs' - 1999, RCA, Victor
 Trudy Desmond - 'Make Me Rainbows' - 1995, Koch Jazz
 Jon Gordon - 'Witness' - 1996, Criss Cross
 Scott Hamilton - 'Back In New York' - 2005, Concord Jazz
 Conrad Herwig - 'Heart Of Darkness' - 1998, Criss Cross
 Gerry Mulligan - 'Lonesome Boulevard' - 1990, A&M
 New York Trio - 'Always' - 2008, Tokuma Records
 New York Trio - 'Begin The Beguine' - 2005, Tokuma Records
 New York Trio - 'Blues In The Night' - 2001, Venus
 New York Trio - 'Love You Madly' - 2003, Venus
 New York Trio - 'Stairway To The Stars' - 2005, Tokuma Records
 New York Trio - 'Stardust' - 2009, Venus
 New York Trio - 'The Things We Did Last Summer' - 2002, Venus
 New York Trio - 'Thou Swell' - 2007, Venus
 Carol Sloane - 'The Songs Of Ella & Louise Sang' - 1997, Concord Jazz
 Gary Smulyan - 'Blues Suite' - 2000, Criss Cross
 Various Artists - 'The Blue Note 7 - Mosaic' - 2009, Blue Note
 Phil Woods - 'Ballads & Blues' - 2009, Venus Jazz

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