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     Jeff Greinke

Genres: Electronica
Styles: Dark Ambient, Electro-Acoustic, Ambient
Instruments: Producer, Percussion

Electro-acoustic composer Jeff Greinke is, like similar-sounding artists Robert Rich and Vidna Obmana, one of the younger contemporary principals of space music, approaching production and composition with an architect's feel for context, depth, and movement. Like many of his contemporaries (particularly in North America), Greinke was producing introspective, experimental electronic music many years prior to its recent popularization in ambient and isolationist electronica, releasing much of his most significant work either on cassette or through tiny independent labels with limited distribution. Currently based in Seattle, Greinke studied meteorology at Penn State and began producing and performing electronic music in 1980. Working at first in an academic setting with extensive gear at his disposal, Greinke opted instead to assemble his own, comparatively spartan studio. Influenced by the soundscape experiments of composers such as Brian Eno and David Moss (particularly the latter's Terrains), Greinke began integrating thin, sweeping electronics with heavily treated samples and sound effects, percussion, and extensive use of digital and analog effects, giving his music a spatial depth which many have compared favorably with Eno's On Land. More recently, Greinke has incorporated an increasingly prominent rhythmic focus, filling in the more static approach of his early recordings with heavier instrumentation and percussion. As a solo artist, Greinke has recorded a number of albums for Multimood, Silent, and his own label, Intrepid, which he formed with artist/sculptor/producer and frequent collaborator Rob Angus in 1982. He has contributed tracks to numerous dark/industrial ambient and experimental/electro-acoustic compilations, alongside artists such as Rich, Obmana, DJ Spooky, Biosphere, Kathleen Amacher, Alan Lamb, and Michael Stearns. Additionally, Greinke is a founding member of the 4th world ethno-ambient/jazz quartet Land, who have recorded a number of albums for the Australian Extreme label. Also a visual artist of some note, Greinke has exhibited his photography (which also graces many of his album covers) and composed soundtracks for film and video.

- Sean Cooper (All Music Guide)

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 Jeff Greinke - 'Swimming' - 1998, Prudence, Ars Nova
 Jeff Greinke - 'Timbral Planes' - 1987, Ars Nova, Linden Music

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