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     Jorge Reyes

Genres Newage
Styles Techno-Tribal, Ethnic Fusion, Progressive Electronic
Instruments Drums, Percussion, Flute

This enigmatic multi-instrumentalist draws from the diverse culture and history of his Mexican homeland, as well as his early experiences playing in progressive-rock bands south of the border. Currently based in Mexico City, Reyes combines flute, pre-Columbian instruments, and percussion with synthesizers and voice to cast a spell of ritualistic intensity. Like shadows from Mexico's sultry and savage past, his music has a dark quality to it that sometimes scares off the unprepared, but adventurous listeners will find plenty to admire in his evocation of jungles, jaguars, and Aztec rites. Though his albums are often difficult to find, most of his imported releases are well worth the extra effort and expense involved.

- Linda Kohanov (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Jorge Reyes - 'De Todo Un Poco (A Little Bit Of Everything)' - 2004, Yemaya
 Jorge Reyes - 'Nierika. Ek-Tunkul' - 1993, Silent
  как соисполнитель ...
 Arturo Sandoval - 'L.A. Meetings' - 2001, Cubop Records
 Arturo Sandoval - 'Tumbaito' - 1986, Messidor
 Chucho Valdes - 'Babalu Aye' - 1998, Bembe Records

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