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     Bernward Koch

Genres Newage
Styles Chamber Jazz

German-born New Age keyboardist and composer Bernward Koch debuted in 1990 with Flowing; subsequent releases include 1993's Laguna de la Vera, 1997's Still Magic and 1999's Journey to the Heart.

- Jason Ankeny (All Music Guide)


Name: Bernward Koch

Birthday: January 23rd, 1957

Residence: Wenden-Brun, Germany

Instruments: Piano, keyboards, bass, percussion, guitar

Christiane Boehm - flutes,
Christoph Koch - drums, percussion and guitars

Important steps along the way:
- Many NAC radio stations in the US have popularized the work of Bernward Koch via power-rotation.
- He contributed a track for two Aids-benefit compilations initiated by California radio stations THE WAVE in Los Angeles and KKSF in San Francisco among greats such as Bonnie Riatt, Sting, Al Jarreau, Ottmar Liebert, Chairman Elizabeth Taylor.
- High positions in the Billboard New Age charts.
- Also very successful in Korea, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Spain and many more countries around the world

Musical Influences:
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Ravel, Beatles, Grateful Dead, Weather Report, John Coltrane, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Filmscores like B.Herrmann and J.Williams, Folkmusic, Trance and many more..., any kind of music from our world, but good music!


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 Bernward Koch - 'Laguna De La Vera' - 1993, Higher Octave

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