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     Dennis Rowland

Styles: Standards
InstrumentsL Vocals

Dennis Rowland is still best-known for his association with the Count Basie Orchestra but he has been working hard in recent years in building up his solo career. He remembers hearing Joe Williams' "Every Day" with Count Basie on record regularly when he was five or six and it made a strong impression. Rowland worked as both an actor and a singer locally for a few years in the mid-1970's. The young singer was in Williams' spot during the last seven years (1977-84) of Basie's life, touring the world with the classic orchestra. After that period ended, Rowland worked as an actor on stage, settled in Phoenix, Arizona and began recording as a leader for Concord in 1995. Trying to branch beyond the swing/blues/standards repertoire, Rowland's second (Get Here) Concord album had some R&B-ish numbers and selections open to the influences of pop and funk. His main strength, however, rests with his swinging style and appealing voice which is best displayed on his third Concord disc, a tribute to Miles Davis (Now Dig This).

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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