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     Julee Cruise

Born: in Creston, IA
Genres: Rock
Styles: Dream Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock
Instruments: Vocals

Julee Cruise was the talent scout for composer Angelo Badalamenti when he was working on David Lynch's film Blue Velvet in 1985. Badalamenti discovered that her airy voice fitted a song for the film, so she wound up recording "Mysteries of Love" for the soundtrack. Three years later, she released her first album, Floating Into the Night, which featured music by Badalamenti and lyrics by Lynch. Three tracks from the record made it onto the soundtrack to Lynch's television series Twin Peaks, including the series' theme song, "Falling." Cruise had a bit part in the series. She released her second album, Voice of Love, in 1993.

- Stephen Thomas Erlewine (All Music Guide)

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 Julee Cruise - 'The Voice Of Love' - 1993, Ars Nova, Warner Bros.

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