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     Ralph Towner

Real name: Ralph N. Towner
Born: Mar 1, 1940 in Chehalis, WA
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Folk-Jazz, Post-Bop
Instruments: Guitar

One of the founders of Oregon, Ralph Towner is one of the few modern jazz musicians to specialize on acoustic guitar. His playing often stretches beyond the boundaries of conventional jazz into world music and is quite distinctive. He started playing piano when he was three and trumpet at five, performing in a dance band when he was 13. Towner studied classical guitar in Vienna and played with classical chamber groups in the mid-'60s. After moving to New York in 1969, Towner worked with Jimmy Garrison, Jeremy Steig, and Paul Winter's Winter Consort (1970-1971). In the latter group, Towner first met up with Collin Walcott, Glen Moore, and Paul McCandless, and in 1971 they broke away to form Oregon, a highly versatile group that ranges from jazz and free improvisations to folk music. Towner (who guested with Weather Report in 1971 and played with Gary Burton a bit during 1974-1975) has performed and recorded with Oregon extensively since its formation, in addition to recording as a leader and with many other artists on the ECM label.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Ralph Towner - 'Anthem' - 2001, ECM
 Ralph Towner - 'Batik' - 1978, ECM
 Ralph Towner - 'Blue Sun' - 1982, ECM
 Ralph Towner - 'City Of Eyes' - 1988, ECM
 Ralph Towner - 'Match Book' - 1974, ECM, Landy Star
 Ralph Towner - 'Open Letter' - 1992, Ars Nova
 Ralph Towner - 'Solstice. Sound And Shadows' - 1977, ECM
 Ralph Towner - 'Trios Solos' - 1972, ECM
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 Trilok Gurtu - 'Twenty Years Of Talking Tabla: The Definitive' - 2007, Union Square Music
 Trilok Gurtu - 'Usfret' - 1987, CMP Records, Times Square Records
 Keith Jarrett - 'In The Light' - 1973, ECM
 Oregon - '1000 Kilometers' - 2007, CamJazz
 Oregon - 'Beyond Words' - 1995, Chesky
 Oregon - 'Distant Hills' - 1973, Vanguard
 Oregon - 'In Stride' - 2010, CAM Jazz
 Oregon - 'Music For A Midsummer Night's Dream' - 1998, Oregon Music
 Oregon - 'Out Of The Woods' - 1978, Discovery
 Oregon - 'Roots In The Sky' - 1978, Discovery
 Oregon - 'The Music Of Another Present Era' - 1972, Vanguard
 Oregon - 'Together' - 1977, Universe
 Oregon - 'Winter Light' - 1974, Vanguard
 Kenny Wheeler - 'Deer Wan' - 1977, ECM

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