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     Dave Douglas

Genres: Jazz
Styles: Avant-Garde Jazz, Post-Bop, Modern Creative
Instruments: Trumpet

Dave Douglas has arguably become the most original trumpeter/composer of his generation. Douglas' stylistic range is broad, yet unaffected; his music is not a pastiche, but rather, a personal aesthetic that reflects a wide variety of interests. He explicitly cites such diverse influences as Igor Stravinsky, Stevie Wonder, and John Coltrane. As a composer, Douglas adapts and synthesizes unusual forms and creates his own out of disparate elements. As a trumpeter, Douglas possesses a comprehensive jazz technique; certainly, one hears the ghost of Lester Bowie in Douglas' expressive manipulations of timbre and pitch, but more pronounced is the integration of distinctive compositional and improvisational conceptions that ultimately defines his work.

Douglas grew up in the New York City area. He started playing piano at the age of five, then trombone at seven before discovering the trumpet at nine. He learned jazz harmony in high school and began playing improvised music as an exchange student in Barcelona, Spain. From 1981-1983, he studied in Boston, first at Berklee School of Music, then the New England Conservatory. He moved to New York City in 1984, where he attended New York University and studied with Carmine Caruso. In 1987, he toured Europe with Horace Silver. The early '90s saw Douglas begin to record in earnest; he led or co-led dates for the Hat Art, Soul Note, New World, and Arabesque labels. His various bands include the Tiny Bell Trio, a self-described "jazz-Balkan-improv" group with drummer Jim Black and guitarist Brad Schoeppach; his String Group, which includes violinist Mark Feldman, cellist Erik Friedlander, and bassist Mark Dresser; and his Quartet and Sextet, which includes drummer Joey Baron. Douglas began recording for RCA in 2000 with a tribute to jazz pianist Mary Williams entitled Soul on Soul. That same year A Thousand Evenings featuring Guy Klucevsek was released, followed by El Trilogy and Witness in 2001. It was with Witness that Douglas began to broaden his already eclectic scope, incorporating electronics savvy improvisers like Jamie Saft and Ikue Mori. His next album, The Infinite, featured a more familiar sound but surprising covers of songs by Rufus Wainwright and Bjork. Also busy as a sideman, he can be heard on recordings with Patricia Barber, Myra Melford, John Zorn, and Anthony Braxton, among others. Douglas' Freak In was released in 2003.

- Chris Kelsey (All Music Guide)

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 Dave Douglas - 'A Thousand Evenings' - 2000, RCA
 Dave Douglas - 'Be Still' - 2012, Greenleaf Music
 Dave Douglas - 'Bow River Falls' - 2004, Koch
 Dave Douglas - 'Charms Of The Night Sky' - 1998, Winter & Winter
 Dave Douglas - 'Constellations' - 1995, hatHUT
 Dave Douglas - 'Convergence' - 1999, Soul Note
 Dave Douglas - 'Five' - 1995, Soul Note
 Dave Douglas - 'Freak In' - 2003, Bluebird
 Dave Douglas - 'In Our Lifetime' - 1994, New World
 Dave Douglas - 'Keystone' - 2005, Greenleaf Music
 Dave Douglas - 'Live In Europe' - 1997, Arabesque
 Dave Douglas - 'Mountain Passages' - 2005, Koch
 Dave Douglas - 'Moving Portrait' - 1998, DIW
 Dave Douglas - 'Parallel Worlds' - 1994, Soul Note
 Dave Douglas - 'Sanctuary' - 1997, Avant
 Dave Douglas - 'Songs For Wandering Souls' - 1999, Winter & Winter
 Dave Douglas - 'Soul On Soul' - 2000, RCA Victor
 Dave Douglas - 'Spark Of Being' - 2010, Green Leaf
 Dave Douglas - 'Spirit Moves' - 2009, Koch
 Dave Douglas - 'Stargazer' - 1997, Arabesque
 Dave Douglas - 'Strange Liberation' - 2004, RCA
 Dave Douglas - 'The Infinite' - 2002, RCA
 Dave Douglas - 'The Tiny Bell Trio' - 1994, Songlines Recordings
 Dave Douglas - 'Witness' - 2001, Prospekt, RCA
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 Burt Bacharach - 'Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach' - 1997, Tzadik
 Patricia Barber - 'Modern Cool' - 1998, Premonition
 Patricia Barber - 'Verse' - 2002, Blue Note, Lider
 Don Byron - 'Plays The Music Of Mickey Katz' - 1993, Elektra Entertainment
 Uri Caine - 'Toys' - 1996, JMT
 Uri Caine - 'Urlicht, Primal Light' - 1997, New Edition, Winter & Winter
 Greg Cohen - 'Way Low' - 1998, DIW
 Tom Cora - 'It's A Brand New Day. Tom Cora Live At The Knitting Factory' - 2000, Knitting Factory
 Mark Dresser - 'The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari' - 1995, Knitting Factory
 Fred Hersch - 'Point In Time' - 1995, Enja
 Guy Klucevsek - 'The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour' - 2012, Innova, Naxos of America
 John Lindberg - 'Bounce' - 1998, Black Saint
 Myra Melford - 'Even The Sounds Shine' - 2003, hatART
 Misha Mengelberg - 'Four In One' - 2000, Songlines
 Ned Rothenberg - 'Power Lines' - 1995, New World
 John Zorn - 'Bar Kokhba' - 1996, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'Masada. First Live 1993' - 2002, Tzadik
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 John Zorn - 'Masada. Live In Jerusalem' - 1999, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'Masada. Live In Middelheim' - 1999, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'The Gift' - 2001, Tzadik
 John Zorn - 'Zayin' - 1999, DIW

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