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     Dana Dragomir

Unique and carismatic star with great success.

The first ever female professional Pan flute player in the world. A true master of her instrument, Dana is known as the Queen of the Pan flute. Dana Dragomir is the best selling instrumental artist in Scandinavia. She has sold close to 300.000 albums - in Scandinavia alone. Her records are released in many more countries, in some of them under the name of PanDana. Naturally, as a respected international star now residing in Sweden, she has played before the King and Queen of Sweden on several occasions.

Danaґs music is modern and innovative. New Adult Contemporary, a mixture of Pop, World and New Age music. Because the instrument is so complete and complex, she prefers to call it Pan Flute rather than Pan Pipes. Dana Dragomir is a unique artist. Good looking. Carismaticperformer on stage and TV. Last but not least: An excellent and genuine musician. Dana has 12 years of serious musical education to her credit, initially based on classical and folk music. (At the prestigeous George Enescu High School of Music in her home town of Bucharest. A school acting for the Government to nurture only the elite and most gifted music talents of Romania).

Dana is in great demand for live concerts. Last year for example, she performed 99 concerts. Sold out. Standing ovations for her virtuosity. Danaґs shows are very special and highly acclaimed by reviewers. Not only does she play the Pan flute like a Goddess, she also sings backing vocals. Her body movements add up to a most sensuous experience. This applies to Dana performing with big symphony orchestras as well as concerts with modern four-piece electric bands.


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 Dana Dragomir - 'Pan Dana' - 1996, Electrola, Diamond records

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