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     Lee Konitz

Born: Oct 13, 1927 in Chicago, IL
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Cool
Instruments: Sax (Soprano), Sax (Alto)

One of the most individual of all altoists (and one of the few in the 1950s who did not sound like a cousin of Charlie Parker), the cool-toned Lee Konitz has always had a strong musical curiosity that has led him to consistently take chances and stretch himself, usually quite successfully. Early on he studied clarinet, switched to alto and played with Jerry Wald. Konitz gained some attention for his solos with Claude Thornhill's Orchestra (1947). He began studying with Lennie Tristano who had a big influence on his conception and approach to improvising. Konitz was with Miles Davis's Birth of the Cool Nonet during their one gig and their Capitol recordings (1948-50) and recorded with Lennie Tristano's innovative sextet (1949) including the first two free improvisations ever documented. Konitz blended very well with Warne Marsh's tenor (their unisons on "Wow" are miraculous) and would have several reunions with both Tristano and Marsh through the years but he was also interested in finding his own way; by the early '50s he started breaking away from the Tristano school. Konitz toured Scandinavia (1951) where his cool sound was influential and he fit in surprisingly well with Stan Kenton's Orchestra (1952-54), being featured on many charts by Bill Holman and Bill Russo. Konitz was primarily a leader from that point on. He almost retired from music in the early '60s but re-emerged a few years later. His recordings have ranged from cool bop to thoughtful free improvisations and his Milestone set of Duets (1967) is a classic. In the late '70s Konitz led a notable Nonet and in 1992 he won the prestigious Jazzpar Prize. He has recorded on soprano and tenor but has mostly stuck to his distinctive alto. Lee Konitz has led consistently stimulating sessions for many labels including Prestige, Dragon, Pacific Jazz, Vogue, Storyville, Atlantic, Verve, Wave, Milestone, MPS, Polydor, Bellaphon, SteepleChase, Sonet, Groove Merchant, Roulette, Progressive, Choice, IAI, Chiaroscuro, Circle, Black Lion, Soul Note, Storyville, Evidence and Philogy.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)


ЛИ КОНИЦ. Родился 13 октября 1927 г. в Чикаго, альт-саксофонист, стиль "кул". Учился в колледже Рузвельта, играть начал с местными составами, в том числе с бэндом Клода Торнхилла (1947-48), потом вошел в контакт с группой Майлса Дэвиса в клубе "Ройял Руст" и записывался с ним в 1948-50 г.г. В это же время Кониц близко познакомился с Лэнни Тристано, испытав на себе влияние его музыкальных идей. В августе 1952 г. он пришел к Стэну Кентону и оставался с его бэндом больше года, затем руководил собственными малыми составами в Бостоне и Нью-Йорке, выступал в Германии с серией концертов.
В 60-х Кониц испытывал трудности с работой, стал педагогом, но вскоре вернулся к активной деятельности в своем "кул-стиле" на более экспериментальной основе, играл с тенористом Уорном Маршем, позже собрал свой состав и продолжал записываться в 80-х на разных фирмах.

Nat Shapiro, Nat Hentoff. "Hear Me Talkin' To Ya". Rinehart & Co Inc. New York. 1955

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 Lennie Tristano - 'Wow' - 1950, Jazz Records
 Hein Van De Geyn - 'Meeting Again' - 2008, Challenge Jazz

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