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     Cyrus Chestnut

Born: Jan 17, 1963 in Baltimore, MD
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Hard Bop, Post-Bop
Instruments: Piano

Cyrus Chestnut first studied piano with his father at the age of five, with official lessons beginning two years later. By the age of nine, he was enrolled in the prep program at the Peabody Institute. He graduated from Berklee with a degree in jazz composition and arranging. Chestnut took his time, working with a number of top-notch musicians (Jon Hendricks, Betty Carter, Terence Blanchard and Donald Harrison) before finally recording his first solo CD at the age of 30. Chestnut enjoys mixing styles and resists being typecast in any one niche, though his gospel sound is apparent on a number of his recordings. His initial dates as a leader were recorded for the Japanese label Alfa (reissued on Evidence), and he became an Atlantic artist in 1994. A self-titled LP followed in 1998.

- Ken Dryden (All Music Guide)

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 Cyrus Chestnut - 'Soul Food' - 2001, Atlantic
 Cyrus Chestnut - 'The Cyrus Chestnut Quartet' - 2012, WJ3 Records
 Cyrus Chestnut - 'The Dark Before The Dawn' - 1995, Atlantic
 Cyrus Chestnut - 'You Are My Sunshine' - 2003, Warner Bros.
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