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     Acoustic Alchemy

Acoustic Alchemy
Group Members: Gregory Carmichael, Terry Disley, Simon James, John Parsons, Nick Webb.
Genres: Newage
Styles: Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Instrumental

During the late '80s and '90s, Nick Webb and Greg Carmichael produced a series of mellow albums classified as adult contemporary music, though the guitarists encompass the range of jazz and new age as well. Both grew up in England during the '60s listening to pop/rock, though Webb studied jazz guitar at Leeds College of Music while Carmichael focused on classical guitar at the London College of Music. Originally formed by Webb and Simon James, Acoustic Alchemy later became Webb and Carmichael; the duo initially worked for Virgin Airlines, providing in-flight music on trans-Atlantic trips. Signed to MCA in the mid-'80s, Acoustic Alchemy released its debut album, Red Dust and Spanish Lace, in 1987. After two subsequent releases, the duo signed with GRP in 1990. Their second GRP album, Reference Point, was nominated for a Grammy award. Positive Thinking followed in 1998 in the wake of Webb's February 6 cancer-related death; their jazz content was quite small, but Acoustic Alchemy's albums consistently charted number one on the adult contemporary charts. By 2000, Carmichael unveiled a revamped Acoustic Alchemy that included longtime sidemen like bassist Frank Felix, guitarists John Parsons and Miles Gilderdale and keyboardist Terry Disley, as well as new members such as keyboardist Tony White. That year's The Beautiful Game was the new lineup's first release.

- John Bush (All Music Guide)

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 Acoustic Alchemy - 'AArt' - 2001, Higher Octave
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 Acoustic Alchemy - 'Arcanum' - 1996, GRP
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 Acoustic Alchemy - 'The Beautiful Game' - 2000, Higher Octave
 Acoustic Alchemy - 'The New Edge' - 1993, GRP

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