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     Michel Camilo

Born: Apr 4, 1954 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Genres: Jazz
Styles: United States of America, Hard Bop, Latin Jazz
Instruments: Piano

An exciting and high-powered virtuoso pianist, Michel Camilo came from a very musical family (with all nine of his uncles being musicians). Originally playing accordion, he switched to piano when he was 16. After moving to New York in 1979, his song "Why Not?" became a hit for the Manhattan Transfer and caught on as a standard and "Caribe" entered the repertoire of Dizzy Gillespie. Camilo, who worked with Paquito D'Rivera's band for three years (cutting an album with "Why Not" as the title cut) has recorded for Electric Bird (sessions reissued by Evidence) and Columbia and worked as a leader for the past decade.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Michel Camilo - 'Concerto For Piano & Orchestra. Suite For Piano, Harp & Strings. Caribe' - 2001, Decca
 Michel Camilo - 'Live At The Blue Note Vol. 1,2.' - 2003, Telarc
 Michel Camilo - 'On Fire' - 1989, Epic
 Michel Camilo - 'One More Once' - 1994, Columbia
 Michel Camilo - 'Rendezvous' - 1993, Columbia
 Michel Camilo - 'Rhapsody In Blue' - 2005, Telarc
 Michel Camilo - 'Solo' - 2005, Telarc
 Michel Camilo - 'Spain' - 2000, Polygram
 Michel Camilo - 'Spirit Of The Moment' - 2007, Telarc
 Michel Camilo - 'Triangulo' - 2002, Telarc
 Michel Camilo - 'What's Up' - 2013, Okeh Records
  как соисполнитель ...
 Paquito D'Rivera - 'Taste Of Paquito' - 1981, Columbia

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