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     Michel Petrucciani

Born: Dec 28, 1962 in Orange, France
Died: Jan 6, 1999 in Paris, France
Genres: Jazz
Styles: Contemporary Jazz, Post-Bop
Instruments: Piano

Michel Petrucciani overcame the effects of osteogenensis imperfecta (a bone disease that greatly stunted his growth) to become a powerful pianist. Originally greatly influenced by Bill Evans and to a lesser extent Keith Jarrett, Petrucciani since developed his own individual voice. He started by playing in the family band with his guitarist father and bassist brother. At the age of 15 he had the opportunity to play with Kenny Clarke and Clark Terry and at 17 he made his first recording. Petrucciani toured France with Lee Konitz in a duo (1980) and moved to the U.S. in 1982. At that time he coaxed Charles Lloyd out of retirement and toured with his quartet, a mutually beneficial relationship. Petrucciani was a strong attraction in the U.S., usually playing with a quartet (sometimes featuring Adam Holzman's synthesizer for color) or as a soloist; in 1986 he recorded at Montreux with Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter. Although Petrucciani's ability to overcome his affliction was admirable, his impressive playing stood by itself, he died of a pulmonary infection on January 6, 1999.

- Scott Yanow (All Music Guide)

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 Michel Petrucciani - 'Michel Plays Petrucciani' - 1987, Blue Note
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Music' - 1989, Blue Note
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Note 'N Notes' - 1984, Owl
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Oracle's Destiny' - 1982, OWL
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Pianism' - 1985, Blue Note
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Piano Solo. The Complete Concert In Germany' - 2007, Dreyfus
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Playground' - 1991, Blue Note
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Power Of Three' - 1986, Prospekt, Capitol
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Promenade With Duke' - 1993, Blue Note
 Michel Petrucciani - 'So What: The Best Of Michel Petrucciani' - 2004, Dreyfus
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Solo' - 1997, Dreyfus
 Michel Petrucciani - 'The Best Of Blue Note Years 1986-1994' - 1993, Blue Note
 Michel Petrucciani - 'Trio In Tokyo' - 1999, Dreyfus
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 Stephane Grappelli - 'Flamingo' - 1995, Dreyfus
 Steve Grossman - 'Steve Grossman Quartet With Michael Petrucciani' - 2000, Dreyfus
 Lee Konitz - 'Toot Sweet' - 1982, Capitol
 Charles Lloyd - 'A Night In Copenhagen' - 1993, Blue Note
 Eddy Louiss - 'Conference De Presse Vol. 2' - 1994, Prospekt, Dreyfus
 Eddy Louiss - 'Conference De Presse..' - 1995, M&A Group, Dreyfus, Planet Music
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