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     Laurie Anderson

Real name: Laura Phillips Anderson
Born: Jun 5, 1947 in Chicago, IL
Genres: Rock
Styles: Mixed Media, Experimental Rock, United States of America, Experimental
Instruments: Vocals, Violin, Songwriter

After briefly entering the mainstream pop radar in 1981 with her lone hit "O Superman," Laurie Anderson enjoyed a public visibility greater than virtually any other avant-garde figure of her era. Her infrequent forays into rock aside, Anderson nevertheless remained firmly grounded within the realm of performance art, her ambitious multimedia projects encompassing not only music but also film, mime, visual projections, dance, and - most importantly - spoken and written language, the cornerstone of all of her work. Born in Chicago on June 5, 1947, she studied violin as a teen; relocating to New York City at age 20, she later attended Barnard College, graduating with a B.A. in art history in 1969. After earning an M.F.A. in sculpture from Columbia University in 1972, Anderson taught art history and Egyptian architecture at City College; she mounted her first public performances a year later.

By 1976, Anderson was regularly mounting performances in museums, concert halls and art festivals throughout North America and Europe; claiming to base all of her projects on the power of words and language, her work also emphasized visual imagery and cutting-edge technology, with pieces like 1980's "Born, Never Asked" written for both orchestra and electronics. A year later Anderson recorded "O, Superman" for the tiny New York label 110 Records; an eleven-minute single built around electronic drones and featuring opaque lyrics half-spoken and half-sung (in a voice sometimes electronically treated), this most unlikely hit became a smash in Britain, where it reached the number two spot on the national pop charts. Warner Bros. soon signed Anderson to record a full-length LP, and in 1982 she issued Big Science, a work drawn from a much larger project, the seven-hour multi-media performance United States.

With 1984's Mister Heartbreak, Anderson produced her most overtly pop-oriented work, teaming with artists including Peter Gabriel and Adrian Belew; the end result even reached the American Top 100. That same year she also issued United States Live, a recorded document of the complete performance spread across a five-LP set. Anderson's next project, Home of the Brave, was a concert film; a year later, she also scored the Jonathan Demme/Spaulding Gray film Swimming to Cambodia. A proper studio album, Strange Angels, did not follow until 1989; the next several years were devoted to performance tours, including 1990's "Empty Places", 1991's "Voices from the Beyond" and 1993's "Stories from the Nerve Bible". In 1994, Anderson teamed with producer Brian Eno for Bright Red, also featuring her boyfriend Lou Reed; the following year she released the LP The Ugly One with Jewels as well as Puppet Motel, a CD-ROM confirming her ongoing interest in the latest technology.

- Jason Ankeny (All Music Guide)


Лори Андерсон, невысокую улыбчивую женщину, традиционно называют авангардисткой. Она реагирует на это фразой: "Если вы считаете меня авангардисткой, значит, вы не имеете никакого представления об авангарде". Уроженка Чикаго, Андерсон в разное время обучалась игре на скрипке, архитектуре, истории древних культур в частности, египетской, причём во всех случаях довела образование до конца. В 70-х годах она колесила по миру со своими перформансами, которые происходили в музеях и на улицах. Перформансы включали в себя самые разные элементы, но главным в них, по настоятельному утверждению Андерсон, было слово. Именно слово, как ни странно, а не музыка, и по сию пору является доминирующей составляющей всего её творчества. Её характерная манера пения, представляющая собой полубеседу-полумонолог с вкраплениями мелодических фраз, тематика её песен, напоминающих более всего зарисовки с натуры, - всё это основано на сказанном слове, с него начинается и к нему стремится. По этой причине все её пластинки, какими бы разными они не были - от технократических утопий Big Science до клаустрофобических видений Bright Red, слушаются одним крайне цельным звуковым пейзажем. Который рисует урбанистическую культуру в моменты её наивысшей усталости, всё же оставляя при этом в эпицентре нечто человечное, мудрое и эмоциональное. Без лишнего пафоса, зато с потусторонним холодком между строк.

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 Laurie Anderson - 'Mister Heartbreak' - 1984, Warner Bros.
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