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     Frank Peterson

Frank Peterson was born on 20 December 1963, in Hamburg, Germany. He is a composer, producer, arranger, engineer, mixer and he plays keyboard/synthesiser, piano, as well as guitar (acoustic and electric) and drums. He began learning to play piano at the age of 4! As a producer Frank is responsible for taking a song and making it the best it can possibly be. He must decide what should go where, what to leave out from the song and what should be changed (for example: a different instrument should be used or the chorus should be repeated more than once etc).

Frank's first career was during the 1980's, working at Amptown, a store in Hamburg which specialises in the sale of equipment for music studios. While working at the store, Frank would be producing demo tapes with some of his material and eventually meet up with Michael Cretu. He played the demo-tapes to Cretu, who then invited Frank to come and work with him in Munich. Frank agreed and went with Cretu to start out as the keyboardist for Sandra, a relatively unknown singer at the time for whom Cretu was producing music.

Frank's first major achievement and recognition came in June, 1985 when he played the lead keyboard part for Sandra's major hit Maria Magdalena. Frank Peterson (occasionally incorrectly credited as Frank Peter on Sandra albums) continued to play the keyboard in Sandra's band for a few years, before going on to compose some of the pop-singer's future chart-topping hits. These songs were often co-composed with Michael Cretu, who married Sandra in 1987. Frank also ended up moving with Sandra and Cretu to the island of Ibiza, Spain in 1989.

During the period at Ibiza, Frank along with Cretu co-created the phenomenal group Enigma and released the first album, MCMXC a.D. in 1990. To retain a sense of mystery about the album Michael Cretu was credited as Curly M.C. and Frank Peterson was known as F. Gregorian. For that album, Peterson co-composed the best-selling Enigma single titled, Sadeness and wrote the lyrics to the track The Voice & the Snake: inspired by the passages of the biblical Book of The Revelation, it is one of the darkest and most ominous tracks off the album. Both Frank and Cretu produced the first album (together being credited as Enigma under the production notes, to further the sense of mystery).

Frank eventually returned to Hamburg in 1990, after living in Ibiza, where Cretu is still based. The official reason for Frank's leaving is that he wanted to compose other projects. While holidaying in Spain he had met Thomas Schwarz and both were eager to start composing and producing music. Thomas had previously worked in the same store with Matthias Meissner in 1988 and knew of his keyboard talents. So once Frank and Thomas were back in Hamburg, Thomas brought on the keyboard-genius Matthias to complete the production team. These three composers and musicians would go on to form a formiddable production team. Their first album together was released shortly after the debut of the first Enigma album. The album was entitled Sadisfaction and was released under the group name Gregorian (referring to F.Gregorian) in 1991. It had a similar approach to Enigma, but with more of a pop-sound. The album featured a female duo named The Sisters of Oz. The first single was the brilliant So Sad which had ties with Sadeness, in it's use of Gregorian chants against dark, driving beats. From this album on, Frank would prove that he could consistently compose original, vibrant and groundbreaking music.

For the next two years Peterson was starting work on new projects, returning triumphantly in 1993, when he teamed up with Sarah Brightman to release the album Dive. The album stormed the European charts and brought Sarah Brightman back into the spotlight where she belonged. Sarah Brightman would become Peterson's most famous production and also his girlfriend.

While working on Dive, Frank one evening heard on television the beautiful voice of Monica Capel Cruz. He was so impressed by her voice that he offered to produce an album for her. He gave her the name Princessa and her debut album Princessa featured many compositions by him, along with some co-composition from Matthias Meissner and Thomas Schwarz. Like all the previous albums, Princessa was a major success, especially in countries like Japan and Spain.

In 1994, Frank along with another good friend Alex Christensen co-composed and co-produced the album Life in the Streets which featured Prince Ital Joe and Marky Mark on vocals. Most of the songs on this album were published by Petersongs, the record production and copyright company Frank had set up.

By now, Frank had already set up a recording studio called Nemo Studios (Hamburg) from where he would continue producing his marvellous albums. Frank and Alex Christensen also formed the group PeCh, although only four singles have been released under the name. In 1995, the second Peterson-produced Sarah Brightman album called Fly was released. This had much more of a dance edge, as Alex Christensen was once again also involved. Towards the end of 1996, a new Frank Peterson song was to be heard on European radios: Time to Say Goodbye. Easily one of the biggest selling singles in Europe ever, it is an operatic duet between Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. The music consists primarily of violins and other string instruments with a faint military beat in the background. The piece was written as a tribute for the German boxer Henry Maske's retiring fight.

The third album for Sarah Brightman, the amazing classical homage Timeless (the album is known in America as Time to Say Goodbye), was soon released in 1997. Also released in this year was the equally marvellous second Princessa album (once again self-titled, but in some territories known as Calling You), which now featured English lyrics as opposed to the Spanish lyrics of the first.

Frank also composed and produced a full-length studio album for the Israeli traditional singer Ofra Haza which was released in early 1998 as Ofra Haza. At around the same time, he also composed and co-produced the hit-single Let The Music Heal Your Soul for the project Bravo All Stars. This was to be a once-off single for charity and featured the vocals of many popular pop-bands.

Early 1999 brought the release of the fourth Sarah Brightman album Eden, which combined pop with opera, and saw Sarah launching her first world tour. Also released was the third Princessa album I won't forget you, which Frank produced, with Thomas and Matthias composing most of the songs. In the last quarter of 1999 Nemo Studios was relocated to Frank's own residence to continue producing and composing. And then on the eve of the millennium, an old Frank Peterson project was revisited and revamped. Gregorian's second album, Masters of Chant, was released late 1999-early 2000, featuring a twelve man Gregorian choir singing 12 classic pop songs, which were reinterpreted by Frank to provide an upbeat yet melancholic album. In early 2000, the fifth album from Sarah Brightman, La Luna was released, which also herlads the start of her new world tour which Frank is co-ordinating.

Frank's hobbies include scuba-diving, travelling, cars and boating - when of course he has the time between his busy schedule of composing. Nemo Studios has a stock of roughly 8000 CD's and 3000 records which display the diversity of the music Frank likes.

What's next? A possible fourth album from Princessa and perhaps some new projects to be discovered along the line. You'll have to continue checking this definitive source of all things Frank Peterson. What we do know is that there is no stopping his breathtaking song-writing, his infectious melodies and passionate arrangements. So whatever Frank composes you can be sure it will be a true musical masterpiece.

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