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     Andreas Martin

Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Schlager, Adult Contemporary
Member Of New Mixed Emotions

German schlager singer Andreas Martin is best known for his 1987 single "Du Bist Alles (Maria, Maria)," which was written by Drafi Deutscher. Martin made his recording debut with a self-titled 1982 album, which contained the single "Amore Mio." After several other records (1984's Was Man Liebe Nennt, 1987's Du Vist Alles, 1988's Nur Bei Dir, and 1990's Ein Teil Von Mir), Martin teamed up with Deutscher under the moniker New Mixed Emotions; the duo released an album titled Side by Side in 1991, which featured the popular singles "Sensuality" and "Lonely Lover." Throughout the '90s and 2000s, Martin continued to release albums; he also worked as a songwriter for pop and schlager musicians including Juliane Werding, Wolfgang Petry, Nino de Angelo, Roger Whittaker, and Brunner & Brunner.

- Christian Genzel (All Music Guide)

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