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     Denison-Kimball Trio

Genre: Pop/Rock, Jazz
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Modern Creative
Group Members: Duane Denison, Jim Kimball, Ken Vandermark

Formed as a duo by ex-Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison and ex-Mule, Laughing Hyenas, and Jesus Lizard percussionist Jim Kimball, the Denison-Kimball Trio specialized in cool, jazzy instrumentals. With the addition of reeds player Ken Vandermark in 1995, the group was renamed DK3.

The recipient of a degree in classical guitar from Eastern Michigan University, Denison formed Jesus Lizard in the late '80s with former members of Scratch Acid, David Yow on vocals and David Sims on bass. Although they initially relied on a drum machine, the band was solidified with the addition of drummer Mac McNeilly before recording their debut album, Head, in 1990. Over the next decade, Denison and Jesus Lizard released an additional seven albums before disbanding in 2000.

Performing as a guest on albums by the Revolting Cocks (Linger Ficken' Good), Sally Timms, and Firewater following the demise of Jesus Lizard, Denison joined with Kimball to form the Denison-Kimball Trio. Their debut recording, released in 1994, provided the soundtrack of an indie film, Walls in the City, starring ex-Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow. Their second album, Soul Machine, followed a year later.

Following the breakup of the trio in 1999, Denison toured as a guitarist for Hank Williams III. He formed a new band,Tomahawk, in 2001, with ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier, Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis, and Mr. Bungle vocalist Mike Patton.

- Craig Harris (All Music Guide)

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 Denison-Kimball Trio - 'Neutrons' - 1997, Quarterstick

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