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     Denis Colin

Bass clarinet player and composer born in Vanves, close to Paris, France, in 1956.
1975… First encounter with Alan Silva, for whose Celestrial Communication Orchestra I started playing in 1977 - first recording in 1979.
1984… Start of an extended collaborative work with the street theater company Tuchenn, for which I created 8 musical scores for different plays.
1988… Guest in the trio of the unique piano player Franзois Tusques.
Collaboration to be continued.
1990… Recording and release of 'clarinette Basse, Seul' (series In Situ), a bass clarinet solo album.
1991... Start of the Denis Colin Trio with Didier Petit on cello and Pablo Cueco on zarb. 17 years of uninterrupted touring all over the world. Production and release of "Trois" (Three) in 1992, followed by "in Situ A Banlieues Bleues", live recording at Banlieues Bleues Festival (major French jazz festival), in 1994.
1995… Launch of the quintet Les Arpenteurs (the Surveyors). Camel Zekri and Bruno Girard (of Bratsch !) join the trio.
1995… First soundtrack for a short created by French animated movie director Florence Miailhe : Cйsar 2002 for ''Au premier dimanche d'aot'' (on the first Sunday of August), Special Mention at the Cannes Film Festival 2006 for "Conte de quartier"(A neighbourhood story). A full length movie is being prepared.
Encounter with the producer Jean Rochard during the recording of the third trio album ''FLUIDE''. Release of "etude De Terrain" (nato) in 1999 with the quintet Les Arpenteurs.
1998… New program ''Dans les Cordes'' commissioned by the French national radio ("in the strings", but also means "within the competence" or "knock out"), which gives me the opportunity to form the "Douze'tetC ("Twelve-tet"), becoming later a Nonet over a period of several years.
2001… The trio encounters many artists from the versatile Minneapolis scene, featured on "something In Common" released by universal jazz in 2002.
2003… First concert as a guest of the Archie Shepp Quartet. To be continued.
2006… Chicago singer Gwen Matthews, whose voice can be heard on 'Something in Common' continues the adventure with the trio on"songs For Swans" (nato). Intensive touring activity with this group over a period of two years.
2008… Start of the group "la Sociйtй des Arpenteurs".
2009… Release of "Subject To Change" (Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi).

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 Denis Colin - 'Etude De Terrain' - 2000, Nato
 Denis Colin - 'Subject To Change' - 2009, Le Chant du Monde
 Denis Colin - 'Subject To Live' - 2011, Le Chant du Monde

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