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Styles: Downtempo, Trip-Hop
Group Members: Barbara Lahr, Charity D. Sanders, Karl Frierson, Otto Engelhard, Pat Appelton, Pit Baumgartner, Roy Randolph

The prolific De-Phazz was a jazzy, lounge-oriented downtempo project led by German-Austrian producer Peter "Pit" Baumgartner, who surrounded himself with a shifting cast of collaborators that featured vocalists Barbara Lahr, Karl Frierson, and Pat Appleton, as well as drummer Oli Rubow. Albums like Detunized Gravity (1997), Godsdog (1999), Death by Chocolate (2001), Daily Lama (2002), Days of Twang (2007), and Big (2009) explored various terrains of 21st century lounge music, much of it balancing samples with live instrumentation, with innumerable cross-sections of jazz, soul, easy listening, and Latin music. Baumgartner was also no stranger to outside work; he remixed Ella Fitzgerald's "Wait 'til You See Him" for the first Verve Remixed compilation, as well as Kool & the Gang and a-ha.

- Andy Kellman (All Music Guide)

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 De-Phazz - 'Audio Elastique' - 2012, Phazz-A-Delic

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