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     Christoph Stiefel

Christoph Stiefel, born in Zu"rich 29 July 1961, is active in various "musical fields" as a composer, pianist, keyboarder, arranger and producer. He took classical piano lessons as a child, and as a teenager became deeply involved in Rhythm & Blues, later in Funk, Fusion and Jazz. Besides beiing a member of several Swiss bands, he formed his own Funk-band Stiletto, with whom he produced 2 CD's. As from 1984 he became permanent member of Andreas Vollenweider & Friends for 5 years. With this band he participated in several tours in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.

In 1990 he formed his own Jazz Trio / Quartet, produced 9 CD's (93/95/97/ 01/06/08/10/12/14) with the group and played many concerts in Europe with different musicians like Peter Erskine, Charlie Mariano, Jeff Hirshfield, Dieter Ilg, Michel Benita, Roberto Gatto, Matthieu Michel, Joel Allouche, Pat Moret, Marcel Papaux, Thomas La"hns, Reto Suhner, Lionel Friedli, Kevin Chesham, Arne Huber, Tobi Backhaus a.o.

In july 98 was the first performance of his first orchestral work: a Concerto for Piano, String-Orchestra and Percussion performed by the Chamber Orchestra Of Zuerich.

2000: Limmazonas, a Duet with Brasilian Percussionist & Singer Fabio Freire. 2003: Nujazz Ambient project Christoph Stiefel's Envelope Generator involving a lot of synthesizers and electronics.

2005: Isorhythms For Solo Piano, a new Solo project for piano & electronics.

2010: New Duet with the swiss Vocalist Lisette Spinnler. Release of the new Duo CD "Bima Sakti" by the german label Traumton in February 2012.

Concerts, Tours, Recordings with: Ernie Watts, Peter Erskine, Kevin Eubanks, Charlie Mariano, Robin Eubanks, Marvin"Smitty"Smith, Ralph Moore, Brian Bromberg, Heiri Ka"nzig, Dieter Ilg, Michel Benita, Andreas Vollenweider, Max La"sser, Harald Haerter, Jeff Hirshfield, Roberto Gatto, Ray Anderson, Marilyn Mazur, Flavio Boltro, Marcel Papaux, Thomas La"hns, Joel Allouche, Christian Mu"nchinger, Joseph Bowie, Gwilym Simcock a.o.


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www.christophstiefel.ch Personal website. Biography, discography
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  как основной исполнитель ...
 Christoph Stiefel - 'Inner Language Trio' - 2008, Neuklang
  как соисполнитель ...
 Various Artists - 'Music Beyond: What's Nu?' - 2003, ACT, WCD
 Andreas Vollenweider - 'Book Of Roses' - 1992, Columbia
 Andreas Vollenweider - 'Magic Harp' - 2005, Kin Kou

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