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     Carles Benavent

Carles Benavent (born on 1 March 1954) is a highly acclaimed flamenco and jazz bassist.

Benavent was born in the Poble Sec neighborhood in Barcelona. He started playing the bass when he was thirteen years old, attracted by blues and rock, Jimi Hendrix in particular. A totally self-taught jazz bassist, he founded the group, "Mu'sica Urbana" with which he recorded two albums. He came to create a new form of playing the electric bass "Flamenco style", using the pick to create a special type of alzapu'a (style of plucking the strings with the finger and pick). His preferred instrument is the fretless bass, which was pretty uncommon at the time, so he can be considered one of the fretless bass pioneers in Flamenco music. One of the hallmark pieces that first showcased his unique playing was his duet with Paco de Lucia on Paco's album "Solo Quiero Caminar", called "Monasterio De Sal" (Colombiana). On the same album, his use of harmonics and his groove playing on the track "Chanela" (Rumba) are reminiscent of the great jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius.

He is one of the privileged virtuosos that is sought out by a long list of artists such as Chick Corea, Miles Davis and Paco de Luci'a (to name a few), and with the latter he recorded "Paco de Luci'a interpreta a Manuel de Falla". Since then the interaction between the two musicians has been consistent and fruitful, having played together for 25 years.

In 1995 he suffered a severe accident which seriously injured his left arm, causing Benavent to rethink his future as a musician, but fortunately he recovered well and after appearing in the Jazz Festival of Getxo he started the recording of the album, "Fe'nix". His career is marked by collaborations inside and outside the world of Flamenco - with his playing style, intuition, rhythm and musicality, he continues to be in continuous high demand for live performances and recording sessions.

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