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     Banda Uniao Black

Seu Jorge, Brazilian recording artist and star of The Life Aquatic, once called Brazilian soul and funk band Uniao Black (pronounced OONyow BLACKee) "one of the greatest bands of the Black Rio Movement." The thirteen member ensemble served as the backing band on the best-selling Brazilian funk record The Gerson King Combo and rose to national stardom on the strength of their James Brown and Earth, Wind, and Fire inspired instrumentals. Their debut album hit shelves in 1977, shortly after the group disbanded. Now, 30 years later, Uniao Black are back with a brand new album recorded with Brooklyn, New York's Embassy Sound Productions. The album, entitled Banda Uniao Black will be available on April 3rd.

Banda Uniao Black first became available to the crate-digging crowd in select mom and pop record stores last year. Critical acclaim from publications such as Wax Poetics, who ran a three page feature on the band in their April/May 2006 issue, and Mojo Magazine, who rated the album 4 stars, once again launched the band into the public eye. Producers for HBO series The Sopranos took note and featured "Been So Long" in season 6, episode 10. Now Banda Uniao Black is preparing to become available to the masses with an April 3rd digital release.


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 Banda Uniao Black - 'Banda Uniao Black' - 2006, Vampi Soul, ESP

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