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     Axel Zwingenberger

Born: May 7, 1955 in Hamburg, Germany
Genre: Jazz, International, Blues
Styles: Central European Traditions, German, Boogie-Woogie

German blues/boogie-woogie pianist Axel Zwingenberger was born in Hamburg on May 7, 1955. Originally, Zwingenberger studied classical piano (for 11 solid years), before discovering such authentic blues artists as Albert Ammons, Meade "Lux" Lewis, and Pete Johnson, who served as an immediate influence on the pianist. Along with three other piano playing friends, Zwingenberger began playing blues concerts and festivals on a regular basis, including the 1974 First International Blues and Boogie Woogie Festival for a West German radio station in Cologne, as well as Hans Maitner's annual festival, Stars of Boogie Woogie, in Vienna.

By 1975, Zwingenberger received his first recording contract, issuing such solo recordings as Boogie Woogie Breakdown, Power House Boogie, and Boogie Woogie Live, as well as lending his talents to recordings by such artists as Lionel Hampton, Jay McShann, Big Joe Turner, Lloyd Glenn, Joe Newman, Sippie Wallace, Mama Yancey, Champion Jack Dupree, Sammy Price, Ray Bryant, Charlie Watts, Vince Weber, and the Mojo Blues Band, among others. In addition to issuing other solo recordings, Zwingenberger continues to tour all over the world and has also authored several publications about blues/boogie-woogie music and musicians.

German painist, songwriter and photographer. Brother of Torsten Zwingenberger

- Greg Prato (All Music Guide)

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 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Blue Pianos' - 1991, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Boogie Back To New York City' - 1995, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Boogie Woogie Classics' - 1997, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'The Boogie Woogie Album' - 1982, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 01 Sippie Wallace' - 1992, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 02 Between Hamburg And Hollywood' - 1992, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 03 An Evening With Sippie Wallace' - 1992, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 04 The Blues Of Mama Yancey' - 1992, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 06 On Stage With Champion Jack Dupree' - 1990, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 08 Heat It Up!' - 1993, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 09 Red Hot Boogie Woogie Party' - 1999, Vagab
 Axel Zwingenberger - 'Vol. 10 Kansas City Boogie Jam' - 2000, Vagab
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 Bill Wyman - 'Just For A Thrill' - 2004, Ripple Records

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