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     Askin Arsunan

Arsunan's musical journey started with playing harmonica while listening to the songs on the radio. Then he picked up the accordeon which was almost as tall as himself. After a short while he switched to piano from accordeon. He entered Ankara State Conservatory after the elementary school, but had to quit the conservatory because his musical interests went beyond classical music. He continued studying at the Istanbul Conservatory but at the age of 15 he was already a professional musician. In the 1970's he went abroad with Turhan Eteke Orchestra and stayed in Sweden for many years. His works with Carl Axel Hall at the Semus Music Academy developed his musical vision. There he played with many groups, got married and had children. In the 1980's Askin Arsunan worked in Sweden, various European countries and in the US as a musician, and arranger and a composer. He played with the Swedish superstar Lil Babs, Janet Jackson and the powerful voice of vocal jazz Patti Austin. He composed soundtrack music for documentary films in the US and returned to Turkey in 1988. In the 1990's Arsunan worked with some of Turkey's top musicians including Fatih Erkoc, Onno Tunc, Zuhal Olcay, Sertab Erener, Sezen Aksu and Levent Yuksel. He also continued composing music for films and TV spots such as the title music for 'Eskiya' one of the most popular films of recent Turkish cinema and the soundtrack music for 'Balalayka'. In 2000 Askin Arsunan gave concerts with his Ethno Karma Project at Istanbul Jazz Festival and Babylon. Askin Arsunan's first solo album 'One A Day' had been released in 2004 by Aura Records. With the shows he made with Blueprint Project, As,k?n Arsunan won recognition by people other than jazz lovers.


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 Askin Arsunan - 'One A Day' - 2004, Bosphorus

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