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Formed: 1965
Genre: Avant-Garde Jazz Pop/Rock
Styles: Free Improvisation, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock
Group Members: Cornelius Cardew, Eddie Prevost, John Tilbury, Keith Rowe, Laurence Sheaff, Lou Gare

Usually a trio of drummer Eddie Pre'vost, saxophonist Lou Gare and guitarist Keith Rowe, AMM has explored the minimalist fringe of avant-garde chance operations and improvisational jazz since its inception in 1965. The group debuted with AMMMusic in 1967, and released two additional albums during the late '60s. Much more quiet during the following decade, AMM became jazz-oriented for a brief period when only Pre'vost and Gare remained. The addition of composer Cornelius Cardew, and frequent classical musicians (cellist Rohan de Saram, pianist John Tilbury), tilted the balance back towards classical minimalism.

AMM's recording activity resumed again in the mid-'80s, with a parade of live releases and re-releases on Prevost's own Matchless Records, but very few original pieces; one exception is the Tom Phillips opera Irma, with contributions from Lol Coxhill, among others. Pre'vost also contributed to a new generation of experimentalists by recording with Jim O'Rourke, as well as Sonic Boom's EAR project.

- John Bush (All Music Guide)

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 AMM - 'Laminal' - 1996, Matchless Recordings
 AMM - 'Live In Allentown USA' - 1994, Matchless

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