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     Adrian Iaies

Styles: Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz

Argentinean pianist, arranger, and composer Adria'n Iaies got involved in the jazz fusion scene in the mid-'80s when the talented musician formed a band called Touch, recording Ventanilla 16, released by Cirse Records in 1989, and La Lluvia es Sagrada, made in one session on May 26, 1993. That same year, Adria'n Iaies created a project called Adria'n Iaies Tri'o, issuing Nostalgias y Otros Vicios in 1998 and Grammy-nominated Las Tardecitas de Minton's in 1999. Later, concentrating on a solo piano record called Una Modica Plenitud. In the year 2000, after performing at New York's Brazilian-Argentinean Jazz Festival, Adria'n Iaies moved to Barcelona, Spain, to make Tango Reflections.

- Drago Bonacich (All Music Guide)

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 Adrian Iaies - 'Nostalgias y Otros Vicios' - 2003, Orchard, EMI

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